The truth about learning languages

Nowadays everybody knows how difficult is to get into the job market if you don´t master at least a couple of languages, especially if we want to focus our career in a marketing project or to work in an international environment. We, Spaniards, are told to be unsuccessful when it comes to learning languages but why?

Everybody blames the educational system but I would recommend people to look beyond that. Teachers can´t do everything. If we bear in mind that pupils just have 3 or 4 hours of contact with English, for instance, when most of the time what they´re listening to is their mothertongue and they don´t give a damn about what the teacher is saying, they will logically learn nothing.

The first thing that a student must have is motivation, that´s what makes the world go round. The learner needs to like the content, the information about what he´s reading or listening or watching. Let´s imagine that my passion is the Middle Age so if you give me information in a foreign language about medieval castles, knights and kings I will try my best and pay attention to every word in the text.

The second thing that a person needs are resources and nowadays they are so easy to find thanks to the internet. There are many webpages to help you learn your target language and some of them are completely free. Besides, we are in the century of the tv series, very good ones and also available, with subtitles included; films, documentaries and the most important resource for me: Music! That´s how I learnt English, basically listening to the music of The Beatles as I read the lyrics. I will talk more deeply about resources in the future.

I would also write about time as another thing necessary to learn a language but if you have motivation and resources you will find time for sure.

Para aquellos que no entienden el inglés, traduciré este artículo entero al español este fin de semana probablemente.

Espero que os haya sido de ayuda.

Hugs and kisses!!



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